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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Common private tuition related questions including: What is tuition? and How to be a tutor?

Find me a tutor

Find me a tutor is the question that parents ask when their child is struggling at school, not achieving in certain subjects or has a general dis-interest towards some subjects. Finding the ideal tutor is challenging for parents and is possibly why the vast majority of parents look to their friends for recommendations and referrals.

To find a tutor that suits the learning requirements of their child, parents may question possible tutors and assess them based on:

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are fees charged to learners for educational instruction. Also known as tuition payments, the tuition fees are used to either cover the individual tutors cost, or in the case of an educational institution for staff, premises, course-ware, libraries, computers and other expenses to provide a learning experience that is comfortable for the learner.

Some funding options to pay for tuition fees are:

How to be a tutor

Looking to be a tutor? The following provides a perspective on how to be a tutor:

What is tuition?

Tuition is the teaching or instruction of individuals or small groups. Tuition may also be used to describe a sum of money paid to a school, college or university for educational instruction.