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Math games can be math-oriented games and intelectual puzzles that can be used to engage maths tutees. As games are seen as more fun learners may be more inclined to play them and therefore be more inclined to practice the maths skill set used by the game.

Maths related games, puzzles, brainteasers and other activities can be linked with math tutoring during lessons. Maths tutors can improve tutees math skills and interest in mathematics by assisting them with math games. A good math tutor uses a set of games to help improve the tutees ability where possible.

Good math games should:


Wordsworth is a game that uses both mathematics and language skills and can aid in developing both.

a = 1 b = 2 c = 3 d = 4 e = 5 f = 6 g = 7 h = 8 i = 9
j = 10 k = 11 l = 12 m = 13 n = 14 o = 15 p = 16 q = 17 r = 18
s = 19 t = 20 u = 21 v = 22 w = 23 x = 24 y = 25 z = 26  

To play Wordsworth, each letter is assigned a value. A is given the value 1, B the value 2 and so on as in the table above. Uppercase letters are given the same value as their lowercase counterparts. To calculate the Wordsworth value of a word the value of each individual letter is calculated and added together.

Examples of Wordsworth values of words are:

When playing, words are selected from the dictionary and the learner can be asked the following

Place Value Game

The decimal number system expresses numbers using the digits 0 – 9 by the concept of place value. A 1 digit number only has a 1's place, a 2 digit number has a 10's place and a 1's place, a 3 digit number has a 100's, 10's and 1's place and as the number of digits increases so does the place value. The more digits the more place values. For a further explanation of place value see

100's 10's 1's

The rules for 3 digit place value game are:

The following is an example of a game:

100's 10's 1's
Rolls a 6 and places the 6 in the 100's place 6
Rolls a 2 and places the 2 in the 1's place 6 2
Rolls a 3 and places the 3 in the 10's place 6 3 2
The game is complete with the number 632 created