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To improve the mathematics marks of your child, it may be wise to use the services of a math tutor. Studies suggest that students learn better under tutoring than group instruction and that good tutoring helps the tutee in pace and quality of their learning.

A good math tutor should be a master of the math material they instruct. Math tutors should have at least matric maths to effectively tutor younger learners. To teach older learners and university students the tutor should have a degree in the sciences field (B Sc.) to teach effectively. Experience is also important and the tutor should have prior experience at tutoring the grade level required.

Math tutors also require good communication skills, and should be able to teach the material in a way that the individual learner will understand it. Learning math is also greatly helped by practice. Regular testing of the learner by the tutor is important, and the tutor should be able to present the learner with example questions. The tutor should also have access to questions similar to those found in standardized test (e.g. Matric final past papers).

The math tutor that will suite your needs best should tutor at a location near to you or should be willing to travel to your location to tutor. The math tutor should also be available at times that fit into your schedule.

Math tuition can't be expected to be free and math tutors will almost always want remuneration for their services. Smaller, more individualized tutoring will more than likely cost extra.

Finding the right math tutor can greatly improve your childs math mark and some studies suggest their marks can improve by as much as 2 grades (e.g. "F" to a "D") under tutoring. Success is also dependant on the tutee's individual needs and their enthusiam to succeed at maths.