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Primary School Tuition Primary School Tuition

Primary school tuition is extra-cirricular assistance provided to primary school learners by a tutor and is generally not subject based, but based on the areas the student needs assistance. In primary school the demand for the childs time shoots up. Children not only have increasing amounts of school work but also extra-mural activities. Primary school tuition can help alleviate some of the pressures created in primary school.

Some parents opt not to send their children for primary school tuition as they don't want their children to be dependant on a tutor. Class sizes in most public schools are getting larger, sometimes even 50 in a class. Every child learns differently, some slower than others. It seems difficult to believe that a single teacher is able to provide every learner with the individual attention they need.

Parents can monitor their child's progress as they move through primary school, offering them assistance and guidance wherever possible. They then may hire a primary school tutor when they find they are not adequately available for their child or do not posses the necessary skills to assist them.

Problems faced by parents may also cause them to opt for primary school tuition. These problems include learner disinterest, short attention span and homework difficulties. To assist primary school tuition, parents can encourage their children to read more, allowing them to better understand and interpret information and at a quicker pace.

When hiring a primary school tutor, some learners struggle to stay interested for a 1 hour session. Shorter lessons are not profitable for primary school tutors because of fixed expenses such as travelling. A compromise may be reached where 2 different subjects are taught or several sets of learning materials are prepared so that the tutor can alternate when the student loses interest.